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When you need a Sacramento electric expert to help you with a whole house fan, call us at Gubruds Electrical Services right away. We’ll get to you fast and help you find the perfect fan for your home. We work with QuietCool to provide you with the best possible fans for all of your needs.

Whole House Fans in Sacramento

A whole house fan in Sacramento can help you cool your home for less. When temps go down outside, typically at night, just turn on your fan and draw all of that cool air in.

As your whole house fan company in Sacramento, we’ll help you locate your fan properly, get it installed, and ensure that it’s working before we go. We can also help you with whole house fan repair in Sacramento whenever you need it.

Attic Fans in Sacramento

We can also help you get an attic fan from QuietCool. These fans blow hot air out of your attic so it doesn’t sit there and insulate your home, making it even harder to heat. Even when it’s very warm outside, a Sacramento QuietCool attic fan can help you make your home more comfortable, all while spending less on your utility bills every month.

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Why QuietCool Fans?

We do Quiet Cool installations because we trust their fans. We have been working with the company for years and we know that their fans consistently make our customers happy. We’ll make sure you get the best QuietCool product for you, then ensure that it’s working well in your home before we leave.

Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

We can help you with regular ceiling fans, too. Our team specializes in electrical installations and electrical repair in Sacramento, and we can help you get the ceiling fan power that you need. Our team will work with you to make sure you have fans wherever you need them and that they are all working properly to keep you comfortable.

Call for Help With Fans in Sacramento Today

Reach out to us at Gubruds Electrical Services whenever you need an electrician in Sacramento. Our team will be there for you and we will work with you to make sure you get the help you need, no matter what. We work with the goal of keeping you as cool as possible for as little money as possible. Call us today or whenever you need a whole house fan company in Sacramento

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