Lighting in Folsom CA

Serving the Greater Sacramento Area since 1995

Lighting in Folsom CA

Serving the Greater Sacramento Area since 1995

Lighting in Folsom CA

Gubrud’s Electrical Services is a team of skilled electrician in Folsom, CA. As your go-to experts for lighting design, installation, and repair, we handle anything going on with our lights and electrical needs. Whether you need interior or exterior lighting, we’ll guide you through the process with our extensive skill and knowledge. We’ll get your home looking incredible in no time with style, functionality, and safety in mind.

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Brighten Up Your Outdoor Lighting in Folsom

A comprehensive outdoor lighting strategy enhances the safety and aesthetics of your property. The team at Gubruds Services offers outdoor lighting options to illuminate your home with style. Our electricians will install your security lighting, landscape lighting, sensor lights, and more. We can help you make the best decision for your property, including lighting your driveway, pathways, patios, and more. Whether you need installation or landscape lighting repair in Folsom, CA, our goal is to help you feel safe, secure, and comfortable to enjoy your property to the fullest.

Our Lighting Services

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Illuminating Your Property with Outdoor Lighting in Folsom

It’s important to make strategic decisions about your outdoor lighting to consider both the security and safety of your home, as well as your aesthetic preferences. Call our Folsom electric company for an outdoor lighting solutions plan that includes security, landscape, and motion sensor lights. We use the highest-quality and energy-efficient lighting products available to ensure your outdoor lighting is cost-effective.

Illuminate Your Indoor Spaces with Elegant Lighting Installation in Folsom

Ready to make the most of your indoor lighting in Folsom? Get your home or business looking its best with the right lighting. Our Folsom electric company will handle light installation, repairs, and more for a variety of fixtures. Whether it’s chandeliers, ceiling fans, or traditional lighting, we can help. We can also help with your dimmer switches for more comfortable control over your day-to-day lighting needs.

Smart Home Integration and Sensor Lights

Gubrud’s uses the latest technology to integrate your lighting with your smart home system. You can control your lighting from anywhere, even if you’re around the world. We also install and repair lighting sensors to automatically adjust lights based on motion or the time of day. Call us anytime, even if you need a straightforward lighting repair in Folsom. We can even handle all of your holiday lighting installation and display for a stunning seasonal home.

Customized Lighting Solutions for Your Home

Why have a home that looks like everyone else’s? Our electrician in Folsom, CA offers a variety of lighting design in Folsom for your home or business. We can also install energy-efficient upgrades and smart lighting installations in Folsom. Whatever you need, our skilled electricians are here to ensure everything is seamlessly installed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cost of lighting?

The cost of your lighting installation in Folsom depends on the scope of what you want done, any repairs, smart technology requests, and more. As your Folsom lighting experts, we’ll come and assess what you want, talk through what you really need for your home, and offer upfront, transparent pricing.

Can I integrate my lighting with my smart home system?

Today, it’s easier than ever to integrate your smart technology with  your lighting needs. With the help of WiFi or a smart lighting systems, we can help install smart lighting in Folsom alongside your smart home setup. Call Gubrud’s for all your lighting and electrical needs.

Should I call a contractor or do lighting work myself?

Replacing a bulbs is usually a simple DIY fix. But for everything more complicated that involves wiring, fuse replacements, and new installations, you need the help of a skilled electrician. Call Gubrud’s to handle your lighting needs safely and efficiently to keep you and your home or business safe.

How can your lighting experts assist me?

When you’re adding onto your home or renovating, you need a good plan to get the look and feel of your new addition just right. The team at Gubrud’s will make sure your lighting needs are handled, from planning to installation and repair. Call us today!

How do architectural and design lighting differ?

Decorative light fixtures enhance a room and are meant to be enjoyed. However, architectural fittings are more about functionality. Neither are better than the other and serve distinct purposes that can coexist together.

How can sensors enhance my lighting, and can I use them in my home?

If you want to make it easier to control your security lighting, turn to motion sensor options. They switch off and on based on movement to keep you and your home safe. They offer the peace of mind you want and can be helpful if you come home late and need better lighting to navigate into your home.

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