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General Lighting Services

Before picking up a paintbrush, choosing new carpeting, or doing anything else to change your home’s aesthetics, consider first the current lighting conditions in each room of the house and ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do you have sufficient light where you need it?
  • Is the light purely functional and/or housed in outdated fixtures?
  • Do dark rooms make the home feel gloomy and unwelcoming?
  • Have you considered how much new light fixtures could modernize your home without the huge hassle and expense of other types of renovations?

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If you haven’t given thought to these questions, it’s time to explore your home lighting options. Many people underestimate the ability of an indoor or outdoor lighting project to transform their rooms from everyday areas into luxury living spaces. Imagine your current bedroom, for example, with some modern and efficient recessed or track lighting that highlights decorative art pieces around the room and elegantly flooding dark corners with light. Picture your front yard with delicate touches of landscape lighting illuminating the canopies of the trees or showcasing your beautiful flower beds and rock features even in the darkness of night. 

It doesn’t matter if you lead a busy life or are inexperienced with home lighting systems. Your friends and neighbors at Gubruds will do the work for you. We have you covered with our full range of light fixture installation services, and we’re here to help you plan your project and execute it with know-how and efficiency.

Lighting Fixture FAQ

What Kinds of Lighting Fixtures Can Gubruds Install?

Gubruds has been in operation since 1995, and we’ve had experience with all indoor and outdoor light fixture installations. From standard task lighting to lighting automation, we’ve done it all, and we’re equipped to provide you with affordable, outstanding service.

What Cost Considerations Happen in a Lighting Project Estimation?

When estimating the cost of a lighting project, several considerations come into play. The first is the cost of an electrical contractor. Gubruds offers straightforward pricing and will provide you with an upfront quote, so you don’t have to worry about any surprises. Installing lighting projects can be complex, dangerous projects that require the expertise of a professional, so you shouldn’t attempt them on your own. Only a licensed electrical contractor will understand the local codes and standards your lighting must meet. Gubruds will be able to provide you with a quote on your specific lighting project.

The second light fixture installation cost consideration to be made is the location and type of light, as well as where it will be controlled from. Gubruds can help you with those decisions. 

The third consideration that will be made in estimating the cost of your lighting project is the age and condition of your home’s electrical system. Older electrical systems often need to be brought up to modern standards before any new electrical work can be completed, which will increase the price of the project overall.

How Much Does a New Light Fixture Increase Home Value?

If you’re trying to increase your home value with a view to selling it soon or in the future, lighting is an easy, cost-effective way to do it. Not only will a beautifully lit room feel warm and welcoming to you for the moment — it’ll also appear cleaner, larger, and more cheerful to prospective buyers.

According to Consumer Reports, upgrading your home to LED lighting in particular can increase your home’s value greatly. These kinds of bulbs can last up to 50  years and are excellent for lowering your utility bills. In fact, for every standard incandescent light bulb you replace with an LED bulb, you are cutting your energy consumption for that light.

How Much Does It Typically Cost to Install a New Fixture?

As mentioned, there are several different factors that come into play when determining the cost of a light fixture installation — including the age of the home, the type of lighting you want, and the condition of your current electrical system. 

If you’re a planner, however, you’re probably looking for a specific dollar sign to help you budget and plan for your project expenses. An average overall lighting project for interior lighting installation throughout a home can cost between $760 and $1,105.

What Are the Steps Involved in a Light Fixture Installation?

While you shouldn’t attempt to install a new fixture yourself, we’ve outlined the steps involved in a basic chandelier fixture installation so you can understand what to expect and how to prepare the job site accordingly for your electrical contractor.

First, the professional will remove whichever light fixtures are currently in place by disconnecting them from the wiring and verify the wiring and junction box are in good condition. Next, the new light fixture can be assembled. This is easiest done at ground level. 

Once the fixture is assembled, it can be prepared for hanging. If the chandelier hangs from a chain, the electrician  will adjust the length to your liking before hanging it. The light fixture is then reconnected to its power source and attached to the junction box. Lastly, power is restored, and the electrician will test everything to ensure proper functioning before completing the project.

Are There Coupons or Deals That Can Add Value to My Installation?

When you work with Gubruds for your lighting and electrical projects, we often have seasonal specials, senior and veteran discounts, as well as great financing options to make your project even more affordable.

We want our work to fit every family’s budget. Head over to our Coupons page to learn about our most current discount offerings!

Light Fixture Installation Near Me

If you’re looking for a local light installation crew in your neck of the woods, look no further. Gubruds is located in Rancho Cordova, CA, and we proudly serve customers in 17 neighboring cities throughout the greater Sacramento area.

Why choose Gubruds? We offer a satisfaction guarantee and friendliness every time you work with our team. Our lighting experts are clean, background checked, drug tested, and professional licensed experts in what they do. Our work comes with a minimum of a one-year warranty, and if you’re not happy, we’ll come back and work until you are. Contact us in the form below to get a quote on your lighting project.