Reasons to Invest in Whole Home Fans Over AC

Reasons to Invest in Whole Home Fans Over AC

Reasons to Invest in Whole Home Fans Over AC

Reasons to Invest in Whole Home Fans Over AC

If you’re tired of high utility bills and want a more efficient way to cool your home, a whole house fan could be your answer. They offer many benefits over AC but aren’t for everyone, especially if you want icy, cold air. Here’s a look from our Rancho Cordova electricians at what to expect from whole house fans in Rancho Cordova and how they can help your home stay cool and comfortable.

What is a Whole House Fan in Rancho Cordova?

A whole house fan, such as a Stealth Pro X Whole House Fan, vents air into your attic and then circulates it throughout your home. It’s taking cooler, fresher air from the outdoors and forcing it upward through your vents. It works as a fan installed into your ductwork and a vent that facilitates the process. Beyond providing a cooler home, it also offers better attic ventilation.

If you’ve heard of an attic fan, you may think it sounds similar. However, they’re not the same thing. Whole house fans in Rancho Cordova move the air throughout your home to make it feel cool and comfortable. That air is moving throughout your attic as well as all of your spaces, such as living rooms and bedrooms. An attic fan is just circulating air inside your attic, which can be beneficial and keep it cooler. But unlike a whole house fan, an attic fan is not cooling down your entire house.

How is an AC System Different from a Whole House Fan?

Air conditioners also work to cool down your house and use the ductwork of your home to transport the air. But ACs usually rely on compressors to condense and circulate refrigerant from your outdoor unit. It then moves the liquid it creates through an evaporator coil to cool down the air and push it into your home. It’s a more complex system and is doing more than replacing your home’s hot air with cooler air..

Benefits of Making the Switch to Whole House Fans in Rancho Cordova

AC does provide colder air; however, whole house fans can actually cool down your home faster because it’s a more straight-forward process. These fans are also a fraction of the cost to buy, install, and maintain. You’ll also see a significant reduction in your utility bills.

Other benefits include how well they ventilate your home and move out stale air, which can improve your indoor air quality. Whole house fans in Rancho Cordova push out your home’s air that may have pet danders and allergens and replace it with fresh outdoor air. Of course, if there’s a wildfire or other issue going on outside, you don’t want to turn on your fan. Whole house fans also don’t work that well if it’s extremely hot outside or dripping with humidity.

Choosing a Whole House Fan for Your Home

There are a few types of whole house fans to choose from, including the Stealth Pro X Whole House Fan. As a whole house fan company in Rancho Cordova, we often recommend these to our customers for their low-cost, energy-efficient cooling with options for overnight use and different speeds.

Some types of whole house fans include standard fans, door fans, and inline fans. Each offers their own pros and cons. For example, inline fans can help move air into specific rooms you want to cool and offer better noise dampening measures. They can also help cool down your attic which offers energy-efficiency for your home.

Get Whole House Fan Maintenance

One of the perks of switching to a whole house fan in Rancho Cordova is its low maintenance requirements. Most of the work involves cleaning and checking over everything to ensure its working efficiently and staying ahead of repairs. You want to occasionally dust the fan about once a year with a damp rag to remove pollutants and avoid dust from collecting and overheating your fan.

The team at Gubruds Services offers whole house maintenance and can clean and replace components as needed, such as drive belts. These belts keep your system working seamlessly for strong circulation.

When to Make the Switch to a Whole-House Fan

You’ll probably have a good idea if a whole house fan in Rancho Cordova is a good choice for you and your family. If you want icy cold air blasting into your home, go ahead and stick with your AC. But if you want a more efficient way to cool your home with fresh air and significantly lower your utility bills, a fan is a great choice for you. If you don’t have an AC at all, a whole house fan is also more cost-effective to install and maintain. Whole house fans, such as the Stealth Pro X Whole House Fan, can also help clean up your indoor air quality to breathe easier all year long.

Call Gubruds Services to Install a Whole Home Fan

Are you ready to make the switch to a whole house fan in Rancho Cordova? Call the team at Gubruds Electrical Services today! As your whole house fan company in Rancho Cordova, we’re here to help you find the most efficient, cost-effective way to cool your home for a more comfortable way to live.

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