How to Maximize Efficiency with Your QuietCool Fan

How to Maximize Efficiency with Your QuietCool Fan

How to Maximize Efficiency with Your QuietCool Fan

How to Maximize Efficiency with Your QuietCool Fan

Are you tired of dealing with staggering AC bills and want a more efficient way to cool your home? When you make the switch to a whole house fan in Rancho Cordova or a QuietCool fan, you save time and money while maximizing your energy efficiency. These powerful yet quiet fans save anywhere from 50% to 90% on average AC-related costs. Your air conditioning uses around 3,500 watts, while the whole house fan uses around 365 watts, a significant difference.

Learn more about how whole house fans work and how Gubruds Services can help install and maintain your cooling system for the comfortable, energy-efficient home you deserve. We also offer whole house fan repair in Rancho Cordova for peace of mind and a cool, comfortable home when you need it most.

What is a Whole House Fan?

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Whole house fans, such as our recommended Quietcool Fans or Stealth Pro X whole house fan, are designed to work efficiently, quietly, and effectively. They pull in the cooler air outside and push the hot air out of your attic. The result is a cooler home that can replace the need for air conditioning altogether. They’re also convenient to control with a helpful app and offer different speed variables.

Do Attic Fans and Whole House Fans Save Money?

Attic fans can save around 30% off your AC-related costs. However, attic fans and whole house fans in Rancho Cordova are different. As the name implies, attic fans cool and ventilate the attic. These spaces tend to be scorching hot and cooling them down can save you a bundle on your energy costs. Unlike attic fans, whole house fans circulate the air throughout your entire home.

When you use attic fans and whole house fans together, they can pre-cool your home at night for more energy efficiency during the day as they continue to keep your home at moderate temperatures. The attic fan is ideal for cooling down your attic during the hotest parts of your day for a tag-team approach to maximizing your home’s energy efficiency.

Get Long-Term ROI and Cost Savings

How much you can save on a combined whole house fan and attic fan approach depends on the size of your home and the units you’re using. However, you can expect to spend anywhere from $500 to $3000 on installation. This pricing is significantly less than installing an AC and continuing to maintain it. You’ll also spend less on utility bills. Air conditioning bills usually account for upwards of 80% of electric bills nationwide.

Call Gubruds Services for QuietCool Fan Installation in Rancho Cordova

Are you ready to make the switch to a whole house fan? Call the Rancho Cordova electricians at Gubruds Electrical Services today! As your whole house fan company in Rancho Cordova, we’re here to help you find the most efficient, cost-effective way to cool your home for a more comfortable way to live. We can also install your QuietCool or Stealth Pro X whole house fan, offer repairs, and maintain your unit.

The team at Gubruds works on all types of whole house fans and attic fans and offers a full range of electrical services, including lighting installations and repairs. Schedule your appointment today!

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