Ceiling & Whole House Fans Rocklin, CA

Serving the Greater Sacramento Area since 1995

Ceiling & Whole House Fans Rocklin, CA

Serving the Greater Sacramento Area since 1995

Ceiling & Whole House Fans Rocklin CA

We Are Big Fans of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are instrumental in providing cost-effective comfort and coolness. They also add some personal style to your home or business. ‘More importantly, they can improve your air circulation and lower your utility bills by being less reliant on air conditioning. However, it’s not always easy to find a dependable service provider to repair, install, or check your ceiling fan in Rocklin, CA.

Gubrud’s Services can help. We have over two decades of experience with a team of certified electricians that assist with everything you could ever need with your ceiling fan. Call the ceiling fan experts in Rocklin. We also offer whole house fans in Rocklin, CA that keep your home feeling incredible. Request your service today!

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Expert Ceiling Fan Repair near You

Our electricians in Rocklin will quickly and efficiently address your ceiling fan installation, repair, and other issues. Before we get to work, we’ll assess the situation carefully to figure out what’s going on. After using advanced diagnostic tools, we’ll identify our plan of action. From broken motors to loose wiring, we’ll fix your problem with high-quality parts and materials. Call us today! We’re always here to help.

Our Ceiling Fans Services

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Why Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans are a must-have to stay cool and comfortable in your Rocklin, CA home. They’re also a more cost-effective resource for your home on those hot, summer days. Imagine spending a fraction of the cost on cool comfort instead of running your HVAC all day. Ceiling fans are far less maintenance, but they do need some care from time to time. Call our Rocklin electric company today for all of your ceiling fan needs to keep them in top working order. 

Signs Your Ceiling Fan Needs Repairs

  • Wobbling or Shaking: Are your ceiling fans wobbling, shaking, and vibrating? You may have a loose mounting bracket, blade or motor. As they vibrate and shake, you’ll hear noise and may have trouble sleeping. Always take action anytime your fan is acting strangely. There could be a safety hazard going on. The team at Gubrud’s will assess the problem and get everything working as soon as possible.
  • Noisy Operation: If your fans are noisy, you may have an issue with the wiring, motor, blades, or bearings. Don’t wait! Anything from humming to screeching or rattling requires attention. Our qualified electricians in Rocklin can figure out what’s going on and make the repairs you need.
  • Low or Uneven Speed: Is your fan slowing down, moving unevenly, or acting erratically? A low or uneven speed isn’t just an annoyance, it can mean it’s lost its effectiveness and reduce your comfort and cooling. Call our electricians today to get your fan working again.
  • Faulty Light Kit: You may have a faulty fan switch, wiring, or bulb. If something is going on with your ceiling fan, it could detract from your enjoyment and the aesthetics of your fan. Call our experienced electrician who can troubleshoot and repair the light kit

Why Should You Consider Installing a New Ceiling Fan?

Do you have an older ceiling fan? If it’s not meeting your needs or looks visually unappealing, consider installing a new one. It could offer:

  • Improved Performance: A new ceiling fan comes equipped with an advanced motor, blades, and controls to improve airflow. A newer fan will help keep the air moving more efficiently to cool down your room faster. They’re also quieter than older models for a better night’s sleep.

  • Energy Efficiency: When you install a new ceiling fan, you’re investing in a more energy-efficient home. You’ll find that newer fans use less energy to produce the same airflow. Some models also come with enhanced LED lighting and variable speed settings, along with smart technology.

  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Ceiling fans come in different styles, colors, and finishes for a look that complements your home’s signature style. Call us today to help you find and install an elegant fan that works for your home.

  • Better Functionality: New ceiling fans are easier to control with better functionality. Choose from remote controls, wall-mounted controls, or smartphone apps to quickly and easily adjust the fan’s direction, speed, and lighting.

  • Reduced Noise: You’ve probably noticed older ceiling fans are noisy over time, which can be irritating. Choose new ceiling fans that are designed to operate quietly. Their advanced motors and blades help minimize noise and vibration.

Schedule Your Ceiling Fan Installation in Rancho Cordova

Gubruds Services offers the best ceiling fan installation service in the area for your home or business. We also offer whole house fans in Rocklin, Ca. Our electricians are skilled with installing all types and sizes of ceiling fans. Whether you want a basic model or a high-end designer look, we’ll create the look you love for an efficient and hassle-free installation process.

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Discover Ceiling Fan Installation Near You in Rocklin, CA

Do you have a ceiling fan or whole house fan issue? There’s no need to suffer through a hot day again. Call the team at Gubrud’s, the most trusted name in Rocklin, CA. We offer all of the ceiling fan installation and replacement services near you.

Schedule your ceiling fan installation or replacement cost estimation service today. We’ll keep your ceiling fan or whole house fan working efficiently for the relief you need all year long.

Frequently Asked Ceiling Fan Questions

How do I choose the right ceiling fan?

We know that it’s not always straightforward to know which ceiling fan to choose. Consider the design, energy efficiency, wind speed, noise, air circulation capabilities, noise, and durability. With all of these factors combined, you can check off every category on your wish list to ensure you have an efficient and great-looking fan for your home. We can also discuss whole house fan Rocklin, CA if you’re looking for efficient ways to cool down your home.

What size ceiling fan do I need?

It’s common to overlook the size of a ceiling fan. First, start by measuring the room you want to install your fan in and bring them with you to the fan store. Or we can discuss your needs to ensure you get exactly what you. need. You should also be aware that different sized ceiling fans will produce different effects. It all comes down to your preferences and budget.

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor ceiling fans?

Moisture is the main difference between an indoor and outdoor ceiling fan. Dry-rated indoor ceiling fans are designed with indoor spaces in mind that are not exposed to rain and other moisture. Outdoor ceiling fans are either wet-rated or damp-rated. A wet-rated fan is built to withstand storms and other elements. Damp-rated outdoor fans can be installed in a damp area but aren’t designed for a storm.

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