EV Charger Installation El Dorado Hills

EV Charger Installation El Dorado Hills

EV Charger Installation El Dorado Hills

EV Charger Installation El Dorado Hills

As more people adopt the use of electric vehicles, finding a reliable, efficient charging station when you need it is vital. If you want an at-home EV charging station at home or your workplace, we can help. Call a go-to electrician in El Dorado Hills, CA  for all of your EV charging needs. We can help you with your EV charger installation in El Dorado Hills in no time for the convenience you deserve.

When you have your own EV charger, you get to enjoy all the perks of electric car ownership without the headaches. You don’t have to worry about finding a station that’s free and waiting around for your car to charge up. Some vehicles can work with just a Level 1 charger. However, they don’t always supply a charge fast enough, especially if they have larger batteries. Depending on your car, your needs, and your expectations, we may recommend a Level 2 charging station instead. You’ll also need the right El Dorado outlets to safely accommodate charging up your vehicle.

Home EV Charger Installation Options in El Dorado Hills

Powering up with a Level 1 charging station to drive around El Dorado Hills for work and errands will usually work fine. It’s the standard with most electric vehicles and gives you a starting point to work from. But if you want to go on road trips, have longer commutes, or want to charge up quickly, a Level 2 charging station in El Dorado Hills is necessary.

Ready to try one for yourself? Call the team at Gubrud’s Services to talk to one of our EV charging experts. We’ll go over the details, assess your set-up, and come up with a plan to install the charging station you need. We’ll make sure everything is done safely and efficiently for peace of mind with upfront pricing you can trust.

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Do You Need an Electrical Contractor in El Dorado Hills to Install a Home EV Charger?

Yes! You don’t want to invest in an electric vehicle just to try to DIY your charging station. You could damage your car and leave your home vulnerable to a fire risk. You need a customized solution that considers your current set-up, where you want your charger, and a skilled electrician who can handle all of the details for you.

Our electrical company in El Dorado Hills, CA works with all types of EV charging stations to ensure you get the power you need when you need it. Keep in mind your car’s manufacturer will also have recommendations and insights on what you should install. You should consider a Level 2 charger if:

  • You’re weary of slow charging times that delay your entire day.
  • Your current Level 1 charger isn’t sufficient for your daily needs.
  • You want more portability and reliability with your electric charging needs.

Call for a Electric Car Charging Station in El Dorado Hills Today

Call the team at Gubruds Electrical Services for friendly, expert service you can trust. We’ll listen carefully to your needs, go over the details, and make recommendations on what kind of EV charging station you need for your home. Our goal is to offer fast, seamless service that keeps your home and electric vehicle safe. Call us today!

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