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Electrical Panel and Meter Repair

For most people, understanding how your electrical panel and meter works is very complex. Most homeowners are smart enough to know doing their own wiring, rewire or electrical work on their Electrical Panel or Electrical Meter can be very dangerous. Since 1994 Sacramento has trusted Gubruds Electrical Contracting to address any problems with your residential Electric Panel or Meter repair or replacement.

Electrical Meter and Panel Repairs and Installation Throughout Sacramento CA

Knowing where your Electrical Panel is on your home is very important in case you have a tripped circuit breaker. Gubruds Electrical Contracting can help you plan where your Electrical Panel and Meter should be, in case something goes wrong. 

We would like to work with you to ensure your Electrical System, Meter and Panels is never overloaded, safe and more difficult to trip a circuit.  A lot of Sacramento homes are in desperate need of a modern, safer electrical system that can handle today’s ever-growing devices that are using your electricity.  

Finding Your Faulty Electrical Panel

Most of the time, Sacramento residents aren’t aware that their Electrical Panel or Meter is not working properly.  If you see corrosion, overheating conductors or hear a cracking noise on your Electrical Panel, you should call Grubruds Electrical Contracting, especially if your Electrical System hasn’t been evaluated in awhile.  We realize that doing this yourself can be unsafe and a bit scary but you can call us for an evaluation and have piece of mind knowing that your electrical system is safe and can handle all of your appliances and devices, especially when you upgrade things like dishwasher, washer, dryer and refrigerator.  We also are always available to install new appliance upgrades and potentially save you money in energy costs.  

Gubruds is Sacramento’s Electrical Experts

When it comes to any kind of Electrical Repair, Gubruds Electrical is safe, affordable, fast and reliable and we cover the whole Greater Sacramento Area.  Save yourself time and money by having your electrical panel evaluated to ensure that your home can support the electric needs of your modern appliances and lifestyle. 

Call 916-883-2751 today for your assessment of your Electrical Panel and Meter!

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